in co-operation with Ensemble Ars Nova

SONAT (Sonic Art Theatre) is a series of experimental music-dramatic projects by Teatr Weimar and Ensemble Ars Nova.

The point of departure is the form and aesthetics of the hörspiel transformed into scenic formation. The hörspiel has it’s strongest traditions in Germany and is the german term for radio drama. It is in other words one of the most recent dramatic and musical forms, directly linked to a technical achievement that still today has an important role in our culture; the radio. The hörspiel brings together radio documentary, soundscape, acoustic and electroacoustic music with the semiotics of the theatre.

Since 2008, we have cooperated in order to find new forms for experimental music theatre. The core of this activity is the production of new works, merging the aesthetics of the hörspiel with the theatre’s modes of expressions. So far, we have produced seven works, five of these were world premieres and two had their first Swedish performances. Our overarching ambition is to build an artistic competence and methodology for finding new forms of expressions for musical drama. An important part of this project is to create a European network of scenes for new and experimental musical drama.

During 2010, we will enter into discussions with major institutions in Sweden, in order to create a national network for experimental music theatre.

Ensemble Ars Nova

Ensemble Ars Nova was created in 1986. Since 1995, guitarist Stefan Östersjö has been the ensemble’s artistic director. The ensemble consists of freelance musicians and musicians from the orchestras of the region of Skåne. Ensemble Ars Nova has more and more sought out a repertoire, which combines instrumental and electro-acoustic sound sources. One of the goals for the work of the ensemble is to explore forms of expression in which instrumental music and music technology can come together and enrich one another.

Another facet of the ensemble’s work has been the collaboration with other arts, in the 1990’s manifested in the “Interface” series of productions including the first Scandinavian performance of Samuel Beckett’s/Morton Feldman’s “Words and Music”, the world premiere of James Clarke’s collaborative work with Swedish choreographer Efva Lilja: “The incredible you” (including the world premiere of Clarke’s “Kammersymphonie”) and several premieres of works by Swedish composers. Ensemble Ars Nova has regularly toured in Sweden as well as Denmark, England, Germany, Italy and Poland. The ensemble, along with Athelas Sinfonietta, Birminghamn Contemporary Music Group, BIT 20 and Court-Circuit takes part in in the Culture 2007 project Integra: a joint operation of studios, centres of research and ensembles in Europe, striving to develop technology for music, instruments and electronics.

Teatr Weimar

Teatr Weimar is the leading collective of playwrights, directors and actors in Sweden with over thirty productions the last five years. The group consists of different performing artists who explore the boundaries and expressions of theatre at our own scene in Malmö. Teatr Weimar´s repertoire stretches from traditional theatre to musical drama and more conceptual performances in co-operation with other artists.


Coming events

Bengt Emil Johnson in memoriam
Festival for sound art/poetry in the memory of legendary Swedish poet/composer Bengt Emil Johnson

De stränga anteckningarna
Composer: Kent Olofsson. Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist. Art work: Peter Jönsson
Premiere scheduled january 2011
Avaliable for tour 2011

Composer: Richard Karpen. Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist. Musicians: The Six Tones.
Premiere scheduled september/october 2011
Avaliable for tour 2011-2012

Circus Maximus
By American composer Alvin Curran.
Premiere scheduled september 2011 in Warsaw.

Text: Christina Ouzounidis. Music: Kim Hedås
Premiere scheduled spring 2011.