Malmö has the honour of hosting what might be Sweden’s most important and interesting theatre in Teatr Weimar.
– Kvällsposten

If one should attempt to identify a power dynamo in Malmö’s theatrical life at the moment, one would have to change to red ink as the line approaches Teatr Weimar. In a few years, the free theatre group hosted in the cultural block of Saint Gertrud by Caroli has become more than an aesthetically progressive scene. Teatr Weimar is today one of the most dynamic players within the performing arts in Sweden, and during the last year alone, the group has, alongside its own productions, cooperated with Unga Dramaten as well as Malmö Stadsteater, and now, as its latest partner, Ensemble Ars Nova. Few artists receive this type of opportunity for unexpected and unconventional cooperations during their lifetime – but neither would all of them be ready to take up the challenge. Teatr Weimar, on the other hand, seems to have been triggered by the hinterlands of theatre.
– Kvällsposten

”When I have studied the example of Teatr Weimar closer, I will stop writing theatre criticism. Instead, I will sell my insights to newly started theatre ensembles who wish to establish themselves as the future of Swedish theatre in the shortest time possible. Teatr Weimar seems to have cracked that code.”
– Dagens Nyheter

Teatr Weimar’s time is now. Now, the spectators crowd. Probably because this is where one gets to experience the next generation of playwrights, and the next generation’s most interesting actors. One gets a feeling of being on the train to the future – one of them, at least – and catching a glimpse of the fragmented and conflicted present.
– Dagens Nyheter

Personally I can not do anythong but love a group that take language so seriously, like a Jelinek or a Gombrowitz but in their absolutely unique way
/ Swedish Radio,

Teatr Weimar work as artists in fine arts. They take a famous play that they work around and create something completely new.
/ Swedish Radio, (a different broadcast)

It’s impossible to claim anything other than Teatr Weimar being in the forefront of Swedish theatre when it comes to being up-to-date on questions dealing significantly with the contemporary pulse of our society.
– Uppsala Nya Tidning

The concept from Malmö is beginning to gain traction in the rest of Sweden. This autumn, Teatr Weimar will not only perform at Malmö Stadsteater. They will also begin a cooperation with the national theatre, Dramaten. The revolution spreads.
– Helsingborgs Dagblad

This is courageous theatre (...) because the performance rest so heavily on the text, a Jelinek-like showdown on our societies gender order. Teatr Weimar is one of the exceptions in Swedish Theatre, if one should believe the experts. Swedish theater are often described as anxious and scared, a theatre that ask the question, may I please raise a question? What should be my purpose? The questinos is hardly audible and the answer exist somewhere in the echoing silence. This is theatre that dares.
/ Ny tid

Smart and provocative theatre that at the same time alienates and gets close.
/ Göteborgsposten

Malmö based Teatr Weimar has in a short time got a very good reputation as one of Sweden´s most interesting theatres with the outspoken ambition to develop the theatre as an art form. The stage are, in Teatr Weimars hands, a room for exploration, where different theories of "what is is to be human" will be investigated.
/ Kulturen, a magazine on culture