In Fält (Fields) we encounter a chorus of voices that revolves around the conditions of existence. The performance takes place somewhere between life and death, in a dream about something else on the other side of the field - far away from violence, heroin and glue, children getting abused, houses in ruins and the small pony toy lying around on the street waiting for a child to pick it up again. The performance is a descent into the hell that is everyday life in a war zone.
Concept: Jörgen Dahlqvist,Kent Olofsson, Linda Ritzén, Zofia Åsenlöf, and Marcus Råberg.
Premieres March 18 at Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden
Subtitles will be ava
liable in English

Arrival Cities: Hanoi

The Canadian Journalist Doug Saunders discusses migration in his book Arrival City as “the great and final shift of human populations out of rural, agricultural life into cities” and points towards the “need to devote far more attention to these places, for they are not just the sites of potential conflict and violence but also the neighbourhoods where the transition from poverty occurs, where the next middle class is forged, where the next generation´s dreams, movements and governments are created.”
This raises political issues of identity, colonialism, nation states and borders but an arrival city is also characterized by individual experiences of homesickness, insecurity, aspiration and dreams. The question we have explored in a series of staged works is how these different experiences can be expressed artistically and projected to an audience. Rather than creating a representation of the work’s theme, we want to create a joint exploration where several different situations interact.
Arrival Cities: Hanoi examines the experience of Hanoi as a point of migration by actualising the musicians’ memories and experiences as several independent layers of narrative. Other layers are drawn from interviews with street monglers, actors and other people in the turbulent soundscape of Hanoi.
Concept, music and video by Kent Olofsson and Jörgen Dahlqvist
Video and music by The Six Tones
Set and costume design: Marcus Råberg
Choreography: Miguel Cortés
4-5/4 Hanoi, Vietnam

A Language At War

A Language at war is a journey inside language and communication. It takes the philosophy of Wittgenstein as departure to investigate how communication works. The three actors are staging aspects of language in a visually exciting show. On the video screens surrounding the stage there is filmed sequences and live video making language almost a physical experience. A Language at War have made guest performances at Inkonst in Malmö, the Gothenburg Dance & Theatre Festival and the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm.
Concept: Jörgen Dahlqvist and Kent Olofsson.
Participants: Angela Wingerath, Celia Hakala and Rafael Pettersson
Costume design: Sandra Haraldsen

29/1-1/2 Berlin
4-5/2 Munich
10-12/2 Vienna


Concept: Kent Olofsson och Jörgen Dahlqvist
Music: Kent Olofsson
Video: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Voices: Linda Ritzén and Rikard Lekander.
Actors (video): Linda Ritzén and Anders Blentare
22/2 Jönköping, Sweden


A Language at War
29/1-1/2 Berlin
4-5/2 Munich
10-12/2 Vienna

18-21/3 Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden

Arrival Cities: Hanoi
4-5/4 Hanoi, Vietnam

By Teater Mutation, with support from Teatr Weimar
1-3/5 Inter Arts Center, Malmö


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