(Ibsen deconstruction I: Ghost)

The critically acclaimed performance Ibendekonstruktion I: Gengångare (Ibsen deconstruction I: ghost) had it´s premiere spring 2010 at Teatr Weimar in Sweden. The play, directed by Linda Ritzén, is a radical adaptation, made by playwright Jörgen Dahlqvist, of the classic ibsen play Ghost, where all characters, both male and female, are played by two actors.
The idea behind the adaptation is to find a way back to Ibsen´s original radicality beyond naturalism. The performance explores power, class and gender. In the end language breaks down, so that only violence and addiction remains; between mother and son, between master and servant, wife and husband. And here shameful sexuality and dirty heritage is the only driving force and underlying pain between the actors on stage.

Text adaption: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Director: Linda Ritzén
Actors: Rafael Pettersson and Nils Dernevik
Costume, set design and light: Johan Bergman and Jenny Ljungberg
Technician: Johan Nordström

(War, Speed! Parole in Liberta)

The performance are put together from the two standalone pieces Indy500:seklernas udde (Indy500:Cape of the Century) and The Art of War Noise. The piece is still avaliable for touring. It´s a part of our on-going cooperation with Ensemble Ars Nova in the sonat Series.

Indy500:Cape of the Century. Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist. Music: Kent Olofsson.
The car race Indy 500, which takes place at på Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the USA since 1911, has been described as the world’s greatest sport event. Taking Marinetti’s fourth paragraph as point of departure, Indy500:Cape of the Century concludes that we are already living in the future, with speed and consumption as linked matter in what has become a religion in which the global brands are the proponents of this global church.

The Art of War Noise. Text: Annika Nyman: Music: Martin Svensson
A linguistic examination of war following Marinetti. It is a regression towards the futurist tribute to war and the machinery of war. It is a movement back to the trench, to the sound and rhythm of war, to its points of extreme of regularity and disintegration.

The performance is still avaliable for touring.

Director: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Actors: Linda Ritzén + more
Musicians: Stefan Östersjö (guitars), Johan Westerberg (percussion) and Jörgen Pettersson (saxophones).
Voices: Ester Claesson and Pia Örjansdotter
Costume, set design and light: Johan Bergman and Jenny Ljungberg
Constructions: Kent Olofsson and Johan Nordström

A co-production with Ensemble Ars Nova

(They have to die)

A new play by Christina Ouzounidis written for actor Birgitta Vallgårda, also professor at Malmö Theatre Academy. Fredrik Haller is directing. The play is a cooperation with Malmö Theatre Academy.

Actor: Birgitta Vallgårda
Text: Christina Ouzounidis
Director: Fredrik Haller
Costume, set design and light: Johan Bergman
and Jenny Ljungberg

Premiere 17/9 at Bryggeriteatern, Malmö


The third and finishing part of a triology which also includes Elektra Revisited and Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin by Jörgen Dahlqvist. It´s a totally new adaption on the classic play with two actors playing all parts. On stage there will be cameras and live video editing and live composing by composer Kent Olofsson as part of his artistic research.
The performance will examine reality and identity and how we stage our own lives in relation to our friends and lovers. The perfomance is also an investigation of the theatre event and how narrative can work on different levels of understanding.

Actors: Rafael Pettersson and Linda Ritzén
Text +
Director: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Costume, set design and light: Johan Bergman
and Jenny Ljungberg
Live composing: Kent Olofsson

Premiere scheduled in october/november 2010
The performance will be availiable for touring spring/summer 2011

(The Consumer Rights law)

Christina Ouzounidis and Henning Lundkvist are staging Ida Börjels critically acclamied poetry of Konsumentköplagen. It´s a text of authority and power and the necessicary failery of self trying to embody that law. This is the third production at TEatr Weimar working with contemporay poetry and staging it for the theatre.

Text: Ida Börjel
Director: Christina Ouzounidis
Sound Art: Henning Lundkvist
Actor: Pia Örjansdotter + 2 more
Costume, set design and light: Johan Bergman and Jenny Ljungberg

The perfomance will be playing in Malmö and at Helsingborgs Stadsteater

(The harsh notes)

De stränga anteckningarna (The Harsh Notes) is the working title for a project that intends to explore the voice and will involve both actors and singers, building also on new experimental vocal techniques.
The base of the narrative is the story of Orpheus and Eurydike. The text strectes out the moment when Orpheus turns around and let everything, bot past and present, take place at the same time. It has also echoes of a war zone, where people are trying to survive after a big disaster of some sort.

Text + director: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Composer: Kent Olofsson
Art Work: Peter Jönsson
Actors: Linda Ritzén and Rafael Pettersson
The performance will also include four singers.

World premiere scheduled to january 2011

A co-production with Ensemble Ars Nova


IDIOMS is a production involving a Vietnamese actor from traditional cheo drama, an actor from the US and one from Sweden and the three performers in The Six Tones (two from Vietnam and one from Sweden). The project also involves two composers (from Vietnam and the US) and a theatre director and author (SWE). The project, called IDIOMS, has as its basic artistic methodology a practice of intercultural dialogue created by means of improvisation that is further discussed and structured within the group in a dynamic interplay between all artists.

Text + director: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Composer: Richard Karpen
Musicians: The Six Tones

World premiere scheduled to september/october 2011

A co-production with Ensemble Ars Nova


Tour dates 2010

Ibsendekonstruktion I: Gengångare
7-8/9 The Ibsen festival, Norway
1-2/9 Lokal Theatre Festival, Iceland
12/6 Hangö Theatre festival, Finland

More tour dates coming up

Krig, Hastighet! Parole in Liberta
11/8 Malmö Sommarscen, Malmö

Bengt Emil Johnson in memoriam
Festival for sound art/poetry in the memory of legendary Swedish poet/composer Bengt Emil Johnson

Teatr Weimar at Ystad Art Museum

Lägenheten by Christina Ouzounidis and Henning Lundkvist. Opening 11/9

De måste dö
Premiere 17/9 in Malmö

22/10 Malmö
23/10 Helsingborgs Stadsteater

Hamlet: exit ghost
Premiere scheduled october 2010 in Malmö
Avaliable for tour spring/summer 2011

Vit, rik, fri
Co-production with Stockholms Stadsteater.
Premiere scheduled November 2010 at Stockholms Stadsteater in Stockholm